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The Jury 2022

  • Ute Weiland
    CEO of “Germany – Land of Ideas”

  • Almuth Dörre
    Director (acting) Agency for Business & Economic Development

AGYLE is a programme of the Agency for Business and Economic Development (AWE) and Germany - Land of Ideas. AWE is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and supported by GIZ and DEG.

Clement Kandodo

CEO & CTO EcoGen Limited

Clement is a Malawian social entrepreneur and environmental activist. He is very passionate about renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, climate change and waste management. Clement is a Founder and CEO of EcoGen, a startup company founded in 2018 to provide technically advanced biogas technology that converts organic waste into renewable cooking gas and biofertilizer for small scale farmers, households and institutions to reduce food shortage, poverty and climate change. Over the years EcoGen has won over 9 awards and recognitions as well as reached over 4000 people with access to renewable clean energy, waste management and biofertilizer.

Clement holds a Bachelor’s Degree in agriculture (Majoring Crop and Soil Science) from Lilongwe University and Agriculture and Natural Resources. Clement is a 2016 YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa alumnus.