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Young Leaders 2023 from Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, and Tunisia

Young Leaders 2023 from Germany

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Young Leaders 2022 from Germany

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AGYLE ist ein Programm der Agentur für Wirtschaft und Entwicklung (AWE) und Deutschland – Land der Ideen; die AWE wird gefördert durch das Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) und getragen durch die GIZ und DEG.

Adwoa Fosua Owusu Ofori

Founder / CEO, Women's haven Africa


What ́s your vision for the African-German partnership and cooperation?

My vision for the African German partnership and cooperation is a more strengthened working relationship and strong foundation laid for economic cooperation.

What are the challenges young leaders are facing nowadays and how can they be over come?

A lot of young people are facing the challenge of unemployment in their respective countries. Ghana for instance has recorded a high number of unemployed graduates who have become liabilities on their families and are unable to access a decent job.

Adwoa Fosua is a dynamic social entrepreneur and the founder of Women's Haven Africa, a women-focused technology and innovation hub established in Kumasi, Ghana, in 2019. Adwoa is making a significant contribution to Africa's development through innovative technology solutions born from her tireless efforts at Women's Haven Africa. She has a degree in Development Management from the University of Development Studies, an MBA in Project Management from Accra Business School, and a Master of Science in Strategic Management and Leadership from KNUST. Adwoa has been involved in several developmental projects in Ghana with GIZ, Sparkassen-Stiftung, MEST Africa, SNV Ghana, etc. She is passionate about leveraging women's potential to achieve excellence in business and improve society. Women's Haven Africa is now one of the fastest growing innovation centers in Ghana for women, offering training, coaching, mentorship, job placements, office spaces, business incubation and acceleration for Ghanaian women. Adwoa has won several awards, including Overall Best Hub and Best Startup Support Organization of the Year in 2021 at the Ghana Startup Awards, Female Technology Personality of the Year in 2022, and the Outstanding Social Impact Leadership Award in 2022 from the Cenba Africa Excellence Awards. Adwoa's influence has been recognized and felt across Ghana and other international countries. Her professional career has taken her to places like Germany, Switzerland, France, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Zambia. She is a Grow with Us Fellow 2020, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and a Women Leaders Fellow 2021.