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The AGYLE Berlin Week 2022

From 28 September to 30 September 2022, 80 Young Leaders are invited to Berlin for the first AGYLE Week.

AGYLE – African German Young Leaders in Business

40 outstanding personalities from Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda and Tunisia, as well as from Germany have now been selected as part of this year´s edition of "AGYLE - African German Young Leaders in Business." From 27 June to 1 July, all participants will work on new ideas and business models during the AGYLE digital week 22.

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Land of Ideas

Germany’s image is shaped by a number of economic, geographic and cultural factors. Like any location, however, it is primarily defined by its people. The people of Germany, their ideas, and their activities are the bedrock of its society and provide cohesion. The ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’ initiative provides a platform for them.

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The ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’ initiative has teamed up with various partners to launch projects that pursue a common goal: to enhance Germany’s international visibility as a hub of ideas and innovation, of quality and creativity – in short, a place that is helping to shape the future in a positive way.

Success Stories

‘Football Meets Culture’: Balls and books for a double win

»Already 80 young leaders from Ghana, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tunisia and Germany became part of the #AGYLE #leadership programme. Find out who they are, what they work on and what drives them on our website: land-der-ideen.de/en/networks/ag… @AgenturWirtEnt @giz_gmbh @BMZ_Bund«