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AGYLE – African German Young Leaders in Business

80 outstanding personalities from Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda and Tunisia, as well as from Germany are a part of the "AGYLE - African German Young Leaders in Business" leadership programme already. At the end of September, all alumni came together in Berlin for the first time to attend AGYLE Berlin Week.

Land of Ideas

Germany’s image is shaped by a number of economic, geographic and cultural factors. Like any location, however, it is primarily defined by its people. The people of Germany, their ideas, and their activities are the bedrock of its society and provide cohesion. The ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’ initiative provides a platform for them.

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The ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’ initiative has teamed up with various partners to launch projects that pursue a common goal: to enhance Germany’s international visibility as a hub of ideas and innovation, of quality and creativity – in short, a place that is helping to shape the future in a positive way.

»🤝 Welcome to the AGYLE2024-Jury, Olaedo Osoka!

In the last 5 years, Olaedo has served as Chief Executive Officer (initially Ghana and then West Africa) of Daystar Power Group, a company providing renewable energy solutions to businesses and industries in Africa. She was a pioneer member of the Daystar team, holding board positions and leading the company’s expansion in West Africa from Nigeria into Ghana, Togo, Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal culminating in an acquisition by Shell.

During her tenure, she co-led the raising of over $60 million from international investors including the DEG. Beyond the positive impact on the environment, her work has helped clients like the Coca-Cola bottler, the United Nations, Ecobank’s Pan-African headquarters among other blue-chip companies to reduce their power and operational costs, whilst delivering superior financial returns to shareholders.

🙏 Thank you very much for your commitment to AGYLE, Olaedo!«