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Emergency Assist – automatic help for drivers in emergencies

A car with an illustrated assistance system

A driver assistance system monitors the activity of the driver and helps prevent accidents in dangerous situations.

Drivers of two-wheeled motor vehicles are especially at risk of injury due to their lack of protection. Nevertheless, they remain exempt from the obligation to have an eCall automatic emergency call system installed in cars starting in 2018. The eCall system dguard addresses this problem and offers motorcyclists more safety in road traffic. Due to sensors installed in the motorcycle and a specially developed crash algorithm, the intelligent emergency call system automatically recognises accident situations. When an accident is ascertained, the system immediately sends an emergency call to the rescue direction centre. The distress call is sent as a voice message with the GPS data of the accident and repeated three times. If the motorcycle rider has coupled the eCall system with a Bluetooth headset, he can additionally transmit the number of people injured, the presumed injuries, and other relevant information to the emergency call centre. As an additional function, dguard offers a theft alarm based on the same technology.
By quickly alarming the rescue team, the emergency call system dguard improves the survival and recovery chances of motorcyclists who have accidents, and the theft protection provides additional security.

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