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KoolZone control system for refrigerators

The KoolZone-team: Mark Herbig (Customer Relations), Steve Miller (CEO) and Miha Sukic (CTO)
Nils Lucas

Keeping things cool

A monitoring system for refrigeration plants saves food from the dumpster and optimises energy consumption

When the refrigerator goes on the blink, restaurateurs, caterers and grocers start to sweat. Regular temperature checks are required by law to prevent valuable foodstuffs from spoiling. Now, a new technology enables manufacturers and dealers to monitor the temperature of refrigeration systems seamlessly, automatically and cost-effectively. The Berlin project increases food safety, creates transparency for consumers, and protects perishable goods from being wasted. A contribution that shows how intelligent refrigerator management can conserve resources and protect the climate.

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KoolZone Tracking Systems GmbH

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