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Lido/SurfaceData – identifying obstacles in aviation at an early stage

A database containing digitised aviation obstacles from all over the world enables pilots to identify them early on.

Pilots have to be able to rely on aircraft systems not only when visibility is poor. Airspace, aircraft approaches, and the density of obstacles are becoming more and more complex. Identifying and considering obstacles at an early stage is indispensable for safe aircraft navigation.
With Lido/SurfaceData, Lufthansa Systems is offering a worldwide digital database that contains obstacles such as skyscrapers, bridges, cranes, and wind turbines. So-called avionic systems visualise them, say, as 3D models. Even very small yet dangerous obstacles such as power lines can be represented. The database’s resources include aeronautical information publications of all of the world’s aviation authorities. The data are primarily used for commercial aviation. But applications for drone, business jets, and helicopters are possible.
Lido/Surface Data represents more than a million obstacles worldwide, thus making an important contribution to preventing collisions during air travel.

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