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OpenDataCity – Agentur für Datenjournalismus

An overview in the data jungle

An agency visualizes online data, thus giving every user free access to complex topics

Today more data is being gathered and stored than ever before. This provides journalists with a veritable font of information that is not always easy to find. The agency for data journalism OpenDataCity gives the media a key for using this open source material: with the help of visualisations the start-up provides access to complex subjects. An example: an interactive map makes links between politicians and lobbyists visual. All applications are freely accessible and conceived by a team of developers, graphic designers, and journalists. Together they provide for more openness in the data jungle and promote new thinking in the media.

Ausgezeichnete Orte 2017

Datenfreunde GmbH / OpenDataCity

Rödingsmarkt 9
20149 Hamburg