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wuidi – avoiding accidents involving wildlife

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wuidi GmbH

With a dynamic animal-crossing radar system an app warns road users in dangerous areas and helps prevent collisions with wild animals.

Every two minutes a wild animal causes an accident on Germany’s roads. The annual insurance losses resulting from accidents involving wildlife amount to 630,000 Euro. To reduce the number of animal-related accidents, three entrepreneurs from Bavaria, Alfons Weinzierl, Alexander Böckl, and Jozo Lagetar, launched wuidi. The animal-crossing radar system warns drivers when they are driving through high-risk areas. The warning is given via an app or is directly integrated into the car’s navigation or infotainment system. The level of dangerousness of an area is determined based on data on past accidents involving animals, hunters’ risk situations, as well as other factors of influence such as weather, mating seasons, and land usage.
If the driver has an accident involving a wild animal nonetheless, the user receives step-by-step instructions and, on the basis of GPS localisation, the details of a contact person at the responsible police station. Hunting ground owners can protect their territory in the wuidi territory portal by marking focal points of game-related accidents and, in the case of an accident, can receive the exact location of the mishap.
In areas with a higher number of animal crossings, wuidi helps heighten safety on the roads, and when there is an accident, helps those responsible handle the incident more efficiently.

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