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Isabel Faller

Head of Customer Success & Strategic Partnerships, Polycare Research Technology GmbH & Co. KG


"Whilst there seems to be growing global awareness and an understanding that climate change is real and requires swift combat – the task is huge and requires a somewhat radical shift in behaviour and thinking. It’s an opportunity and the responsibility for young leaders of our current generation to disrupt the status-quo and determine a healthy future for our planet. Through innovative models combining historical wisdom and technological leapfrogging, we must create scenarios whereby people can co-exist in alignment on earth following principals of respect, conservation and integrity."

Isabel Faller is a member of the Leadership Team at Polycare, a German-based building technology company. With 18 years of experience in the development sector in Southern Africa, she has acquired extensive knowledge in sustainability, local economic development, and business management.

Isabel fully supports Polycare's mission to lead a global shift towards a circular economy in the construction industry. By promoting the efficient use of valuable resources and offering solutions to climate change, poverty and social injustices, she wants to create a better future for ourselves and for generations to come, where we can coexist in harmony with our planet and each other.

Together with her team, she is building a global multi-stakeholder network, enabling partners worldwide to bring inclusive and sustainable building solutions to their respective markets. She is also leading the People and Culture portfolio, ensuring the team remains motivated, engaged, and productive. As the Scrum Master for Polycare's most recent product development project, Isabel is driving a customer-centric focus within the various teams, promoting a culture of learning across the entire company.