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Abdou-Chakour Daro

Global Head of HR Systems, Analytics and Sustainability, Symrise AG


Abdou-Chakour Daro is the new Global Head of HR Systems, Analytics and Sustainability at Symrise AG (before he was the Manager HR Information Systems and Analytics of Nordzucker AG),as well as founder, shareholder and CEO of two companies, DARO Management Consulting GmbH in Germany and DARO Management Consulting Africa SARL in Togo. The first company operates in the areas of IT Services & Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Management Consulting and Sport Management. The second company consists of an Institute of Informatics, an Institute of German Language, a department of Consultancy for Sustainable Agriculture & Environment and a department for Sport Management. Since November 2022 he is working on his doctoral degree with a focus on Cloud and HR Systems to contribute to the digital transformation research. He is an expert in IT and HR and has managed over 25 projects.