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Benjamin Turkson

Founder & CEO, ASA Nwura Ltd.


Benjamin Agyin Turkson is a dedicated and passionate young leader in the cleantech and circular economy sectors, with a focus on revolutionizing waste management in Ghana. As the driving force behind an innovative digital platform, Benjamin has successfully harnessed adaptive technologies to enhance the traceability of plastic waste for recycling, promoting a more sustainable and inclusive approach to waste management with ASA Nwura.

In addition to fostering environmental sustainability, Benjamin’s work has also made a significant social impact by empowering informal waste pickers with cash and kind incentives for the plastics they aggregate. This dual focus on ecological sustainability and social equity showcases Benjamin’s commitment to driving transformative change across various sectors.

Benjamin brings a wealth of expertise, innovation, and passion to the AGYLE program. With a proven track record of harnessing digital technologies to address pressing environmental and social challenges, Benjamin is poised to make a substantial impact in the cleantech and circular economy space, inspiring others to join the movement towards a more sustainable and equitable future.