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Emma Marie Ndoringoma

Co-Founder, Fidalix Ltd.


"Young leaders can infuse fresh energy and perspectives into the climate change fight, enriching existing norms and spurring change in all areas of the society. Starting from their own reach, it's not just about one-off actions, but about embracing a planet-respecting lifestyle where everyone's small, conscious acts significantly contribute to this collective effort."

Emma Marie Ndoringoma is the Founder of Fidalix, a system´s communication provider and contact center developer. For the last 8 years, the company has implemented last mile connectivity systems and Omni channel contact centers for NGOs as well as public and private institutions, Telecom operators and ISPs in different parts of the African continent.
Emma implemented projects and provided technical trainings in 17 African countries; she has experience in product development, project management and as a technical trainer. She served as Vice Chairperson for Rwanda ICT chamber and is currently the outreach program coordinator and mentor for Sci-Touche, an initiative dedicated to contributing to practical STEM education in high schools. She is a techwomen and Girl in ICT mentor to young girls. Emma participated in Swedish Institute Management, Techwomen and Alibaba Netpreneur programs.