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Janat Issifu

CEO, WAN-Hive Ghana


"I am particularly excited about the program’s focus on digital transformation, which is a critical issue for young leaders and entrepreneurs in the current global landscape. As a young leader who has successfully launched and scaled a social enterprise that uses digital tools to provide affordable and sustainable solutions to rural communities in Ghana, I believe that the AGYLE program presents a great opportunity to network, learn, and create long-term collaboration through the transfer of knowledge, technology, and resources to solve shared challenges. "

Janat Issifu is an industrious social entrepreneur with rich experience in promoting gender equality, leadership, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation. With her knowledge and experience in startup development, Janat has assisted many young women to establish sustainable startups in Ghana focusing on agriculture innovation, digital marketing, STEM, and social impact. Janat is the founder and CEO of WAN-Hive Ghana, a female-focused innovation space for empowering young women to realize their economic potential by equipping them with sustainable digital entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to attain dignified jobs and promote digital inclusion. WAN-Hive Ghana seeks to break the digital divide among young women in marginalized communities through easy access to digital tools and educational opportunities. This is guided by the desire to alter the narrative that “for every 10 young women in rural areas, there is only 1 young woman to be digitally skilled”.