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Kweyakie Afi Blebo

Co-Founder & Programs Director, Because She Can


"As young leaders from diverse countries come together, we have the incredible opportunity to learn from one another. We can exchange our unique experiences, perspectives, and cultural backgrounds, enriching our understanding of the world. By embracing our differences, we can expand our problem-solving approaches, adapt to new leadership styles, and discover innovative solutions. Through collaboration and a genuine desire to learn from each other, we can foster a global mindset that empowers us to tackle complex challenges with creativity, empathy, and a shared vision for a better future."

Kweyakie Afi Blebo is a young leader passionate about using technology to empower women and girls. With a data science background and technology industry experience, Kweyakie co-founded Because She Can, an organization dedicated to encouraging and empowering women and girls to excel in technology disciplines and roles. Through Because She Can, Kweyakie has led virtual and in-person mentorship sessions, designed and implemented a 3-month intensive mentorship program, and organized annual fundraisers to support less privileged women in tech with resources such as laptops. Kweyakie believes in the power of digital technologies to drive social and economic change and is committed to leveraging these tools to create a more equitable and sustainable future. Kweyakie aims to continue inspiring and empowering women to break barriers and excel in the tech industry.