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Muriel Wegner

Consultant, McKinsey & Company, Inc.


"I believe that listening and a true interest in understanding are our most fundamental resources to activate, coordinate and further develop the vast range of opportunities we have to change our world for the better. As young leaders we can jointly practice listening, question boundaries in our thinking and build bridges between categories of any kind!"

Muriel Wegner is determined to lead towards a sustainable and equitable future by rethinking international cooperation on energy transition through digitalization and a sustainable work environment. Trained as Historian and Political Scientist, she developed her leadership in international management consulting with a focus on digital transformation in the energy and public sector, sustainability strategy, and the future of work. She writes her PhD on the role of emotions in inter-state energy cooperation as a scholar of the German Economy Foundation at Heidelberg University. Previously, Muriel worked at the EU Parliament and at the German Embassy in Georgia with a focus on political, economic, and social transformation. She is passionate about creating spaces where everybody feels free to bring their true self and unique skills to the table. That’s why she greatly enjoys her role as co-lead and project manager of the Berlin Youth Organization of Tönissteiner Kreis.