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Ndeye Fatou Mboup

CEO, The Smart Granary


"My vision is to build an innovative framework with all stakeholders ready to elevate the ecosystem with persistent changemakers. The main objective is to create an emulation around creativity through smart solutions leading to inclusive businesses for bettering the living conditions in the world."

Ndeye Fatou MBOUP is the CEO and founder of The Smart Granary Startup since April 2018. She leads this innovative project with a great and wonderful team with 4 years of research and development up to the deployment and marketing phase of the product.

As an expert in artificial intelligence, she has worked in a number of companies, including IPAR, a West African think tank based in Senegal. As a serial entrepreneur, she worked on a number of NGO projects, including ENABEL, the Belgian development agency, ENABLIS and ADIE (State IT Agency of Senegal). She was also the Managing Director of Global Connexion.
As a coach involved in United Nations programmes, she gives training courses to the younger generation to prepare them for the digital world.

Her career has taken her to several countries around the world on missions or training courses, including Spain, Rwanda, Germany, Uganda, Qatar, Dubai, Egypt, Belgium, etc.
Ndéye Fatou has also won several international awards as well as at national level. In fact, she is the first Miss Geek Senegal in Senegal's history, the revelation of the women leaders of the year 2022 in Senegal, the africa vice champion of ICTs and she received a bronze medal at the challenge and innovation forum in Qatar.
To explain her diverse background, she is a big data engineer certified in solar and satellite systems. And she was recently appointed an expert in Artificial Intelligence at the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) by the Senegalese government, in particular the Ministry of Communication, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy.