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Paulina Adjei

Founding Partner, Nyini Africa


"Businesses are built with people. A community like AGYLE intersects people, innovations and opportunities. I value moments where I step outside familiar grounds, adopt a beginner’s mindset, get genuinely curious about people, business and innovation."

Paulina Adjei’s 12 years of experience intersect with entrepreneurship, innovation and development. She is a founding partner of Nyini Africa which uses the microcredit model to address the capital and knowledge gaps faced by women entrepreneurs in the informal sector.
Paulina has experience working with community co-operatives, start-ups, innovation hubs, development agencies and the innovation ecosystem in general. She is passionate about supporting women-owned businesses to grow their enterprises through the collective power of communities which is fundamental in various forms of empowerment. On completion, Paulina will continue to promote the growth of enterprises by focusing on financing women-led businesses for inclusion and development.

Paulina holds an MA in Economic Policy Management, BSc in Business Administration (Banking & Finance), and a certification in Professional Consulting from the Chartered Management Institute, UK.