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A sustainable combination of fish farming and vegetable growing that optimizes food production

DUOC UC University, Chile

A symbiosis of fish and plant

Healthy food is not a given in crisis areas or refugee camps. But researchers at DUOC UC Institute, in Chile, have developed a sustainable system with which group of families can grow healthy food. The "AYA" project leverages the synergetic effects of aquaponics and aeroponics, combining them into an autonomous, sustainable system; fish-farming and vegetable cultivation go hand in hand. The nutrient-rich wastewater from fish farming is first treated biologically in specially developed modules. The nutrients are then transferred to the aeroponics system and atomised as a nutrient solution onto the exposed roots of the plants. The remaining water is collected and returned to the fish farm, creating a closed production cycle. The entire modular system, which can be easily assembled and disassembled, is powered by solar energy—a thoroughly sustainable solution for food production.

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