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Environmentally friendly concrete transforms coastal areas into healthy ecosystems

ECOncrete – Bringing Concrete to Life, Israel

Innovation for marine and human life

Breakwaters, sea walls, harbour basins—the concrete coastal infrastructure is a human necessity, but marine flora and fauna often suffer because of it. Enter the Israeli project "ECOncrete - Bringing Concrete to Life". Using an innovative technology, it offers a new, environmentally Sensitive material that transforms concrete coastal areas into healthy, species-rich ecosystems. "ECOncrete" is a combination of natural materials, most of which are byproducts, among other components. This composition not only reduces CO2 footprint, it also seals off harmful components that may inhere in concrete itself, allowing healthy growth on the concrete. In addition, various complex surface structures make it easier for flora and fauna to grow upon them. These organisms, in turn, cap the concrete surface, making "ECOncrete" many times stronger than standard concrete in just a few years—a win-win situation for life both marine and human.

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