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Fiber Mates

A young design initiative visualises innovative production methods in the textile industry

Laura Jungmann, Jonathan Radetz, Martha Schwindling & Elena Tezak, Germany

New perspectives for used fibres

Sometimes, new technologies and materials have difficulty entering the market. Some fail because they are too abstract, some because their advantages are not immediately apparent. But the "Fiber Mates" initiative, founded by German designers Laura Jungmann, Jonathan Radetz, Martha Schwindling and Elena Tezak, aims to change all that. At „Fiber Mates”, design becomes a means of communication and is intended to make new technologies comprehensible. The young designers have teamed up with the German company Fiber Engineering, which has developed a waste-free production process. Environmentally friendly natural fibers and recycled materials are combined with thermoplastic binding fibers. From these material innovations, „Fiber Mates” creates aesthetic textile products such as the Ripple Cushion, a stackable cushion in wave form made of hemp, wool, recycled plastic bottles or recycled textile waste—an ingenious idea that brings to life the potential of an innovative production method.

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