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Healing Garden

A healing garden becomes a therapeutic meeting centre for trauma victims in the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq

ZRS Architekten, Technische Universität Berlin & Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany and Iraq

A garden that heals

A garden is a shelter in which life can unfold, flourish and grow. A garden offers peace, strength and joie de vivre. Now such a place exists for victims of war and persecution in the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq. The 45,000-square-meter "Healing Garden Chamchamal", initiated by the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights and realised by ZRS Architects (Berlin) in cooperation with students from Technische Universität Berlin and Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, creates an oasis that is both therapy centre and community meeting place. The healing garden offers urgently needed treatment, such as animal-assisted therapy for children. It is also characterised by environmentally friendly construction: its buildings are made of sustainable local materials such as clay, wood and bricks. Each day, more than 100,000 litres of wastewater are treated in order to feed the entirety of the garden’s plants and animals. The project also emphasises traditional construction techniques, which have been reevaluated in light of current climate-protection efforts. The garden thus offers a familiar space that contributes to residents’ healing process, strengthens their cultural identity and helps them to overcome the stigma of trauma.

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Partner of the project "Healing Garden":

ZRS Architekten / Pierre Lambrecht / Leon Radeljić
ZRS Ingenieure

Gesa Diering

Kameran Mustapha Mohammed

BORDA, Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association


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Entwerfen und Baukonstruktion,
Prof. Ralf Pasel,
Technische Universität Berlin

Fachgebiet Landschaftsarchitektur. Freiraumplanung
Prof. Udine Giseke
Technische Universität Berlin

Professur Bauformenlehre,
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Des. Bernd Rudolf,
Bauhaus Universität Weimar