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An electricity generator converts heat into power for people in remote areas

Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany

Light into darkness

Nearly two million people worldwide have no access to modern energy services; more than half of them live completely without electricity. Even a small amount of energy would enormously improve their living conditions. The "Ignis" power generator from product designer Tobias Trübenbacher, of Berlin University of the Arts, literally shed light into darkness. "Ignis", Latin for "fire", is a power generator in the form of a modern lamp. When placed on an external heat source, such as a hot oven, it converts heat into electricity using Peltier thermoelectric conductors, which store heat in order to provide electricity and light when needed. "Ignis" can also convert oil, spirit or used frying fats into energy, thus providing electricity and light in a sustainable way in remote regions, in crisis areas and after natural disasters.

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