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Mine the Scrap

A computer-aided planning process turns construction rubble into a valuable resource

Design office Certain Measures, Germany and United States

From building rubble to finished building

In the building industry, it all starts with a plan. Based on this plan, materials are ordered. But the design office Certain Measures takes precisely the opposite approach: the starting point for planning is the resources available—more precisely, building rubble. With a computer-aided planning process, „Mine the Scraps“ algorithms generate new shapes and turn waste into valuable resources for the construction industry. Using shape- and pattern-recognition software, similar to that used by autonomous vehicles or face recognition programs, „Mine the Scrap“ scans existing materials for the best parts. The program then calculates how various resources can be combined to create new shapes. „Mine the Scrap“ thereby offers a sustainable program for the future of construction, providing a new design vocabulary fundamentally determined by available resources.

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