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Nanocellulose Desert Shelter

In the Israeli Negev desert, a building is being constructed from nanocellulose, a sustainable building material made from recycled natural fibres

NCA Architects, Israel

State-of-the-art technology in the middle of the desert

The novel biomaterial nanocellulose is a recent focus of both science and industry. The potential applications of natural fibres range from fabricated materials to medical technology food and pharmaceuticals. The Israeli architecture firm NCA Architects with Dr. Guy Austern investigates the potential of nanocellulose for building construction, based on the scientific work of Prof. O. Shosayov. With their project "Nanocellulose Desert Shelter", they have designed an educational and cultural centre for the Bedouin community in the Negev desert made entirely of recycled natural fibres, from supporting structures to insulations and windows. The architects attach great importance not only to the recyclable, environmentally friendly building material, but also to a design that blends harmoniously into the desert environment and honours the tradition of Bedouin culture. Inspired by the organic shape of the dune, these architectural modules are a modern interpretation of a traditional Bedouin dwelling, using the latest technology.

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