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An open-source project from Brazil combines forces to make more ecologically attractive cities

"Make the streets green again" and "Take a Grow", Brazil

The city as a garden for everyone

According to United Nations statistics, more than two-thirds of the world's population will live in cities by 2050. It is therefore essential to create future urban spaces that are sustainable, ecologically resilient and worth living in. This is the goal of the open-source project "Soft-urb", comprised of two award-winning initiatives, "Make the Streets Green Again" and "Take a Grow". The initiators are not interested in radically redesigning cities; rather, they aim to put into motion a multi-layered, multi-dimensional process that prepares society for the ecological, economic and social challenges ahead. They want to work with citizens to develop, test, and adapt solutions. "Soft-urb" spans physical and virtual interfaces, using mobile apps, place-making and tactical urbanism to unleash the sustainable, creative potential of cities and to transform urban living space into an environmentally friendly organism.