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beyond bauhaus – prototyping the future

2019 is all about the Bauhaus anniversary – and we are also happy to be part of it with our international competition "beyond bauhaus – prototyping the future".

More than 1,500 participants from over 50 countries responded to our call for entries, 20 international award winners attended the award ceremony in Berlin, 2,500 exhibition visitors were interested in the winning projects, 400 participants attended the accompanying programme of events:
The result of a successful competition!

With the loading of the video data connections to Youtube / Google are established. You can find more information here

Bachelor degree in Social Sciences and Master degree in Education both at São Paulo University (USP). Former environmental resources analyst at the State of São Paulo Environment Department and a public policy researcher on the Environment and Citizenship team at the Center of Studies on Contemporary Culture (CEDEC/ São Paulo/Brazil). Author of several articles on environment education and the book: Educação Ambiental na escola pública: da curiosidade ingênua à consciência crítica (Environmental Education in Public School: From Naive Curiosity to Critical Awareness). São Paulo: Annablume/Fapesp, 2001. Manager of the Education for Sustainability and Citizenship Department of Social Service of Commerce (SESC). Under the coordination of this Department, socio-educational programs and projects are developed focused on environmental issues, accessibility for people with disabilities and social valorization.