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AAI Intelligent Traffic

With AAI Intelligent Traffic, research and development departments at car manufacturers and suppliers can efficiently test driver-assistance systems and systems for self-driving cars in realistic traffic-simulations.

Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) GmbH, Berlin

AAI Intelligent Traffic is a simulation software for testing vehicle functions and sensors. Each virtual-traffic participant in proximity to the test vehicle acts independently, with its own driving style and situational driving manoeuvres. As such, the simulation reproduces the kinds of traffic conditions that would be found on real-world motorways.

The advantage of this solution: it requires neither actual hardware (vehicle) nor an actual test driver. Simulated tests can provide information on errors in the "system under test" already in early development phases. Compared to real tests, simulations can be carried out quickly, at any time and at any place. This saves both costs and time. Due to the smart combination of artificial intelligence and mathematics, AAI participants need not be assigned individualised parameters, which spares simulation engineers a great deal of effort and obviates the need for human intervention in traffic simulations.