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MIA Mobility Engine

The MIA Mobility Engine is a software-as-a-service data analytics platform for mobility companies and city administrations to drive the development of sustainable mobility.

MIA map intelligence agency, Aachen

Based on real-time data provided by cities or companies, the MIA Mobility Engine offers analysis modules for dynamic data that provide insights into mobility. From this are derived targeted measures for the development of sustainable mobility. The MIA Mobility Engine offers various analysis modules. For example, with the route-analysis module, municipalities have the opportunity to gain insights into the travel behaviour of citizens and to verify the effects of traffic measures, such as pop-up bicycle paths.

Another module is the traffic-light analysis module. This tool helps municipalities better understand the impact traffic lights have on the flow of traffic. The analysis locates traffic-light sequences particularly detrimental to traffic flow and suggests adjustments to traffic-light duration intervals. In addition to assisting the public sector, the MIA Mobility Engine can also aid commercial enterprises. Here, the SaaS system offers analyses for optimisation, such as for increasing capacity utilisation of sharing-systems