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Project Special Award: SchienenJobs.de

With SchienenJobs.de, a digital solution has been created for one of the biggest challenges facing the rail industry -- the shortage of skilled workers. Since its founding, in 2013, SchienenJobs.de has become the largest German-language job portal for the rail industry.

Allianz pro Schiene e. V. and index Internet und Mediaforschung GmbH, Berlin

With SchienenJobs.de, the Alliance pro Schiene and its partner index Internet und Mediaforschung are actively tackling the issue of the shortage of skilled workers in the rail sector. The job portal offers a low-threshold, efficient access to vacancies in the railway industry and thus promotes the climate-friendly mobility of the future.

The heart of the platform is a uniquely developed -- and constantly refined -- web-crawler technology. Participating companies need not upload job advertisements manually, as is usually the case. This is done rather by several specialised web-crawlers that read for vacant job offers from the companies' websites and then displays them over the portal. As such, SchienenJobs.de remains always up-to-date for users, thereby also reducing the recruiting process for companies. Thanks to comprehensive job profiles and enriching background information from the railway world, SchienenJobs.de ensures a broad online reach. In this way, the platform also shines a light on small and medium-sized companies’ recruitment needs.