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traigo collects, analyses and deploys data in such a way that users can derive transportation flows, maintenance times and freight-car run-time projections. In this way, traigo contributes to the rail freight transport of the future.

VTG Rail Europe GmbH, Digitalisation Division, Hamburg

The share of rail in freight transport is to increase significantly by 2030, a feat which cannot be achieved without the help of digitalisation. Traigo and VTG, Europe's largest private freight-car chartering company, bring digitalisation to the railways. Together with its customers, traigo has developed concepts for new products and services. In so doing, customer services familiar from the private sector were integrated: chartering a freight car online, extending a contract, checking the condition of the railcar or reporting damage.

In addition to these services, traigo is currently developing a digital forecasting system for freight-car brake-pad maintenance and replacement. High-performance cameras installed on railways take pictures of freight cars at measuring stations, and machine-learning algorithms are then used to calculate the remaining thickness of the brake pads. Telematics devices attached to the wagons can be used to calculate future mileage for the balanced use of the fleet. With greatly expanded use of data and the help of the latest technologies, traigo thus makes freight transport by rail more transparent and efficient.