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Unisphere - Automating Unmanned Aviation

Unisphere developed a software platform that allows all safety-relevant tasks of a drone or air taxi pilot to be replaced by technology. In this way, the company contributes to the safe automation of flight operations.

Unisphere GmbH, Constance

Unisphere enables the automation of drone and air-taxi flights. To this end, this start-up from Constance developed a software solution for which drone flights are simulated in advance and tested for feasibility. The simulation creates a digital twin of each individual flight. This contains all the necessary data to ensure a reliable decision for operating safely and efficiently. Potential customers for Unisphere are all organisations that aim to use drones in their regular operations.

The aim is to make relevant piloting knowledge available to customers by means of software and thus make safety-relevant knowledge more broadly accessible. By digitally mapping all relevant activities necessary for the operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle, drone and air-taxi deployment can be made significantly more safe and efficient.