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Winnerslist German Mobility Award

  • InREAKT – emergency management in public transport

    An interdisciplinary IT-assisted system improves management of emergencies in public transport.

  • FAPS – Fraunhofer IVI Accident Prevention School

    A new method uses real accident data for road safety education to sensitize young people to dangers and thus enhance safety in road traffic.

  • dguard – eCall system for motorcycles

    An emergency call system for motorcycles automatically alarms rescue teams in the case of an accident and at the same time serves as theft protection.

  • Ghostbuster – detecting wrong-way drivers at an early stage

    A solar-powered sensor system detects wrong-way drivers early on and warns other road users.

  • Emergency Assist – automatic help for drivers in emergencies

    A driver assistance system monitors the activity of the driver and helps prevent accidents in dangerous situations.

  • A-PiMod – cockpit of the future

    An intelligent automation solution for the cockpit helps reduce the number of errors made during human-machine interaction and thus curb their consequences.