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Welcome to the Land of Ideas!

Ideas are our most valuable resource, guaranteeing a future worth living. We look for good ideas and the people behind them. We connect, honour and visualize what we find. This is how we promote Germany at home and abroad.

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The people in our network stand for inspiration, openness, and bold action. They are our ambassadors for a sustainable, liberal-minded Germany. Our goal is to bring creative minds together and honour their commitment to our future. We support an exchange of ideas with other countries to foster international dialogue.

Together with partners from business, politics, science, and society, we realise ideas competitions, publications, exhibitions, delegation trips, and virtual platforms. Through encounters and networking, we create a climate that turns ideas into innovations.

Germany – Land of Ideas was founded in 2006 by the German Federal Government and German business and industry.

What We Do

We know how contemporary location marketing works, how to identify innovations, publicise them, and create a network for the protagonists. If you wish to create attention for topics, ideas and people with projects, we are the right partner. Please feel free to contact us.

Are you interested in the Land of Ideas? We look forward to welcoming you, and will be glad to personally provide you with more information at any time.

One reason why our projects are so successful is that ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’ works closely with partners from politics, business and the media.

International Exchange

Outside Germany, we work with our partners to promote Germany as a place of business, science and culture under the ‘Germany - Land of Ideas’ brand. We also promote intercultural exchange: by designing and implementing tours of the Land of Ideas based on various focus topics, we enable foreign visitors to experience our country's wealth of ideas – and offer people here in Germany the opportunity to learn from other countries.
If you would like to use the ‘Germany - Land of Ideas’ brand for your communications, or offer Learning Journeys on emerging topics, contact us.

Sample projects: Study in Germany, Research in Germany, Trips for Delegations