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From September 11th to 15th, 40 young leaders from Ghana, Rwanda, Tunisia, Senegal, and Germany came together in Berlin for the AGYLE LIVE WEEK 23. The goals of this event included strengthening the African-German dialogue, initiating new economic partnerships, and modernizing Germany's perception of Africa. In addition, these young leaders collaborated in workshops to develop innovative solutions for common challenges within the context of digital transformation.

Key topics included: the growing disparity in digital technology access, ethics in AI, digital education, and blockchain. As part of an exclusive closing event on September 15th, an expert jury recognized the most promising idea from the creative workshops. The program was enriched by panel discussions, exclusive dialogue formats featuring representatives from politics and business, and visits to leading companies.


Building Bridges: Young Leaders striving towards a just transition

Opening Panel Discussion

During the opening panel on September 11th 2023 at the Aufbauhaus in Berlin, the following speakers addressed the opportunities and challenges associated with sustainable digital transformation: Linda Ochwada, Product Evangelist, Dealcode & Co-Founder, “Kenderaalala Women Group”; Benjamin Knödler, Head of Private Sector Cooperations, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ); Charles M. Huber, Special Advisor to the President of Senegal, former German MP; Bassant Helmi, Co-CEO, MENA Business; and host Christine Mundwha, Journalist at DW Deutsche Welle


Pitch Presentation

The ME-YO App is a digital ID solution designed for young professionals in Ghana. Its purpose is to 1) safeguard their personal online data 2) serve as a login for any other online services without need to create further accounts 3) streamline the process of form fillings. It offers a secure digital identity solution tailored to young ghananians.


Pitch Presentation

Geo Connect is a digital one stop shop Plattform which connects farmers (and other service providers) to buyers to prevent post-harvest losses in Africa.


Pitch Presentation

The team e-boosters employed the design thinking process to create an innovative app designed to empower young professionals in their job search. This app offers a gamified experience where users tackle various challenges, such as CV updates and personal branding skills development, with guidance from either an AI mentor or a real company mentor. By earning points for each successfully completed challenge, users effectively showcase their acquired skills and commitment, making them highly appealing candidates for prospective employers. The user will finally find their job and be happy to further support the community as a mentor!


Pitch Presentation

The 4bites-project team has developed a solution aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 40 who reside in rural areas in Ghana. Our approach involves the creation of a unique platform for digital access: the mobile DigiVan. This platform offers comprehensive support for women through a combination of incubation, funding and digital technology. By bringing these vital resources directly to our target group, our platform helps to create and leverage sustainable economic value within communities, without relying on long-term governmental plans.


Pitch Presentation

CredEASE provides MSMEs in Africa with accessible funding up to €50,000 by leveraging a unique scoring system that assesses financial, social, and operational metrics. Their educative step-by-step action plan aids businesses in improving their creditworthiness to unlock funding options. Each repayment made to CredEASE is reinvested into another MSME, fostering a socially and economically sustainable cycle of mutual growth through B2B lending.

AGYLE Berlin Week

End of September 22, the participants of the first two years came together for the first AGYLE Week in Berlin. The week provided our young leaders with professional input and inspiration; and of course, there was plenty of time to get to know each other, exchange ideas and strengthen the AGYLE network. In addition, company visits, innovation workshops and a fireplace chat as well as networking events were on the agenda. The programme focused on the year's theme 2022 "Green Innovation - Young Leaders tackling Climate Change."

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Welcome note by former German President Prof. Dr Horst Köhler

for the AGYLE Berlin Week 2022

Dear Young Leaders from both continents,

“Green innovation – young leaders tackling climate change” is the theme under which you are getting together this year to jointly embark on a journey of learning and discovery: What chances do we have to address climate change effectively and sustainably? What innovative ideas and new technological opportunities can bring us closer to the goal defined in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement? And which thoughts and visions are worth sharing – for the benefit of the people in both Africa and Europe?

“[...] tackling climate change” – tackle, I like that verb. Because it renders the fact that this is no longer about analysing causes or formulating targets, but about tangible action in the here and now. You are the ones who are shaping change – with your businesses, your ideas, your creativity and your commitment. You give a face to the wealth of innovation on these two continents, and your drive for action as well as your creative urge give me hope for the future of my children, my grandchildren, and future generations.

All of you have realised how important it is to seize the opportunity to actively commit to sustainable business and action. All of you are aware that we need to change the way we live, and the way we do business. And you have already proven that you are capable of rethinking the concepts of growth and prosperity.

The African German Young Leaders Conference allows you to engage in personal exchange with each other. It allows you to contribute the richness and diversity of your experience so as to learn from and with each other. The challenge of the Great Transformation requires listening, exchange and collaboration across countries and continents. A true partnership between Africa and Europe can lead the way for peace, stability and human welfare around the world.

I am delighted to see that you as representatives of a young generation speak of hope and opportunities while many others speak of sacrifices and limitations. I would like to wish you manifold, enriching personal encounters and I hope you will benefit from this common exchange.
A sustainable future is built on change and innovation. So go ahead and tackle this challenge!

AGYLE Berlin Week 22 – A Video Recap

AGYLE Berlin Week 22 – The Opening Panel Discussion

recorded on 28 September 2022 in Berlin

The Digital AGYLE Weeks

The digital AGYLE weeks of 2021 and 2022 focused on interdisciplinary exchange and networking, professional motivation and cross-border cooperation. At the heart was a virtual design thinking lab, in which our young leaders from Africa and Germany developed selected ideas and business models in mixed teams. The programme was rounded off by virtual panels, keynote speeches, bar camps, and cultural activities.

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Digital AGYLE Week 22

Green Innovation – generating fresh ideas through African-German collaborations

AGYLE’s 2022 digital week took place from June 27 to July 01 and you can catch up on selected parts of the programme in die video streams below.

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Video Recab: This was AGYLE Week 22

Official kick-off event for AGYLE’s 2022 digital week

27 June, 12–1pm (Berlin CET)

The 2022 digital week will be officially opened by Almuth Dörre, Agency for Business & Economic Development (AWE) and Ute Weiland, Germany - Land of Ideas.

Talk: “The importance of African-German cooperation”

28 June 12–1 pm (Berlin CET)

In his talk, Prof. Dr-Ing. Siegfried Russwurm, President of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), will be exploring the importance of African-German economic cooperation.

Pitch presentations of the 2022 AGYLE teams

1 July, 1.30–3.30 pm (Berlin CET)

In this pitch, the five interdisciplinary teams will be presenting their prototypes for new ideas and
business models they will have developed over the course of the week. The winning team will be
selected by the jury of experts.

Review and impressions of the digital AGYLE week 2021

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Watch: The Digital AGYLE Week 21 - Recap

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AGYLE Week 2021: Prototyping Innovative Business Models for Africa & Germany

During the AGYLE Week 21, 40 young leaders from Africa and Germany worked in mixed teams to develop innovative business models.

Team “Wakanda”: An African-German Accelerator MBA Programme

The idea of “Team Wakanda”: an African-German MBA programme for founders that also acts as an accelerator and is partly financed by venture capital.

For the participating founders, the advantages are obvious: They can acquire higher education in the form of a recognised MBA degree and, at the same time, work further on developing their companies. Theoretical knowledge obtained in the MBA programme is applied directly to their start-ups.

And VCs and impact investors also gain from their involvement: They identify worthwhile investments at an early stage, and benefit from trained founders and new contacts in Africa's growth markets.

Team Wakanda’s pitch explains exactly how the model is supposed to work:

Team “AGYLE Eagles”: MATCHXPERT - Finding Experts Worldwide

The idea of team “AGYLE Eagles”: a platform that helps companies find experts worldwide for a wide range of business challenges.

This is not just automated matchmaking, where an algorithm pairs data from online profiles. The platform with the working title "MATCHXPERTS" takes uses an elaborated process to verify the consulting skills offered, provides support in the execution and structuring of contracts and evaluates completed consulting projects.

The “AGYLE Eagles” team’s pitch explains exactly how the model is supposed to work:

Team “Change Drivers”: Farm Assist - Problem Solving for Small-Scale Farmers

The idea of team “Change Drivers": A knowledge and marketing platform for small-scale farmers in Africa, from which farmers who cannot read and write can also benefit.

The project with the working title "FarmAssist" is intended to be a universal problem-solver for farmers in Africa and thus help them to achieve better incomes, with training in crop rotation and business management, climate and weather as well as market mechanisms.

To this end, the project recruits young Africans who have a relatively good education but see few opportunities in the labour market and are therefore interested in independent professional futures as farmers. They pass on theoretical knowledge to experienced but mostly poorly educated farmers, who in turn provide practical agricultural knowledge to the newcomers. Finally, FarmAssist also establishes contact with customers in Europe and organises the direct sale of agricultural products.

The Change Drivers’ pitch explains how all this plays together, how the model is financed and how it is to be a win-win for all involved:

Team “African-German Light Bulbs”: Loan. Made. By. Trust.

The team "African-German Light Bulbs" addresses the problem of high loan-interest rates in Africa with the following idea:

An app with the working title "Loan. Made. By. Trust." adds another party to loan transactions beyond the lender and borrower: guarantors. These can be employers, but also family members in the diaspora. The person or persons seeking a loan register on the platform and first upload the usual information about themselves and their financing project -- supplemented by the contact to a person willing to vouch for them.

In a marketplace that is also part of the app, banks from Africa and Europe can now compete with each other to finance projects, thanks to the guarantee and resulting lower risk of default, and at significantly lower interest-rates than are usual in the African market.

The details of this FinTec business case are presented in the team’s pitch:

Team “Happy Earthlings”: ELT - Simplify Electrifying!

With their idea, the "Happy Earthlings" team aims to tackle two problems at once: inadequate power supply in many African countries and the increasing demand for affordable green energy in Europe.

In essence, the idea is to use solar energy to produce hydrogen in Africa, which can then be transported to rural areas and used for decentralised power generation. In this way, clean electricity can reach local people, even without a developed electricity grid. The surplus hydrogen is then collected and exported to Europe at low cost by ship or pipeline and can also be used there to generate clean energy.

How this model can be implemented technically and financed, and how a win-win situation is created for African and European countries is explained by the “Happy Earthlings” team’s pitch:

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