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AGYLE – African German Young Leaders in Business

AGYLE builds a bridge between young African and German leaders and establishes a sustainable business network. A jury selects forty participants from Germany and African countries. All young leaders will be invited to a (digital) week and an innovative face-to-face event in Berlin later in 2022.

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AGYLE's motto for 2022:

Green innovation – young leaders tackling climate change

Encompassing business, society and politics, climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Today, young business leaders in particular have the responsibility and the opportunity to actively contribute to addressing climate change and shaping a future worth living in – be it by developing innovative solutions and green technologies in key industries or by being young leaders who embrace responsibility and sustainability in thought and deed.

The Programme

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AGYLE-Week and Business Networking

Selected young leaders are invited to join the digital AGYLE week, which will focus on interdisciplinary exchange and networking, professional motivation and cross-border cooperation to develop innovative business models. In addition, all participants will be introduced to an exclusive digital business network. If the pandemic situation allows, all young leaders will be invited to Berlin in the autumn of 2022 to get to know each other personally and to strengthen the network.

Virtual Design Thinking Lab

The heart of the programme is a virtual design thinking lab, in which mixed teams develop and refine selected ideas and business models. A jury will award a prize for the most innovative and promising idea at the final event. The week will be rounded off by discussion rounds, keynote speeches, bar camps, company tours and cultural activities.

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Participant benefits

  • Exclusive access to an international business network and new, long-term corporate contacts and business relationships

  • Development of innovative ideas and new business models

  • Professional and interdisciplinary collaboration at eye-level with experts, mentors, participants

  • Exchange of experience with other young leaders from participating countries

  • Positioning as a representative of the home country

  • Support in international positioning as a young leader and promotion of career development

  • Cultural insights into the participating countries

AGYLE is a programme of the Agency for Business and Economic Development (AWE) and Germany - Land of Ideas. AWE is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and supported by GIZ and DEG.