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Winnerslist German Mobility Award

  • InREAKT – emergency management in public transport

    An interdisciplinary IT-assisted system improves management of emergencies in public transport.

  • FAPS – Fraunhofer IVI Accident Prevention School

    A new method uses real accident data for road safety education to sensitize young people to dangers and thus enhance safety in road traffic.

  • dguard – eCall system for motorcycles

    An emergency call system for motorcycles automatically alarms rescue teams in the case of an accident and at the same time serves as theft protection.

  • HIGH-TOOL – analysis tool for transport policies and mobility concepts

    A software tool helps decision-makers quantitatively assess the long-term effects of transport-policy measures and mobility concepts.

  • Ghostbuster – detecting wrong-way drivers at an early stage

    A solar-powered sensor system detects wrong-way drivers early on and warns other road users.

  • Emergency Assist – automatic help for drivers in emergencies

    A driver assistance system monitors the activity of the driver and helps prevent accidents in dangerous situations.

  • PSIroads-MDS – multicultural decision-making support for proactive and cooperative transport management

    A multicultural decision tool optimises the use of transport networks such that individual goals of transport participants as well as strategic and ecological goals can be reached in the best possible way.

  • A-PiMod – cockpit of the future

    An intelligent automation solution for the cockpit helps reduce the number of errors made during human-machine interaction and thus curb their consequences.

  • wuidi – avoiding accidents involving wildlife

    With a dynamic animal-crossing radar system an app warns road users in dangerous areas and helps prevent collisions with wild animals.

  • Lido/SurfaceData – identifying obstacles in aviation at an early stage

    A database containing digitised aviation obstacles from all over the world enables pilots to identify them early on.

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