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Winnerslist German Mobility Award

  • DB Medibus – Deutsche Bahn’s rolling medical practice

    A Deutsche Bahn bus is converted into a mobile medical-practice for healthcare in rural areas

  • munevo DRIVE – Intelligent wheelchair control via smart glasses

    Just nod and drive off: A smart-glasses application opens up new possibilities for controlling electric wheelchairs. In the future, munevo aims to become an everyday assistant that helps those affected to lead a more self-determined lives.

  • New Urban Mobility Concept – The Schaeffler Mover

    A vehicle platform serves as the basis for various autonomous-vehicle variations, and demonstrates a novel, flexible mobility-solution, Deutscher Mobilitätspreis, 2019

  • ioki Hamburg: The on-demand shuttle for the first and last mile

    An on-demand shuttle complements Hamburg’s public transport network.

  • Multimodal and socially just – Lincoln in Darmstadt

    The Darmstadt district of Lincoln is a model for sustainable mobility and development.

  • EiTicket Plus – Maximum mobility in Mühlenkreis

    A cross-municipal public-transport subscription is complemented by the optional annual rental of taking a pedelec (a “pedal electric cycle”) with you free of change within the tariff area.

  • C-Brace orthosis system

    A computer-controlled leg orthotic allows users maximum mobility and independence

  • Intelligent street lighting, including a 22kW e-Mobility charging point

    A pilot project is converting public-lighting systems to smart poles and equipping them with Wi-Fi, as e-charging stations or for environmental data-collection, among other purposes.

  • Sinn² – the barrier-free, two-sense passenger information

    An app enables visually impaired people to use public transport independently by providing real-time passenger information.

  • Jelbi – Alliance for the mobility of tomorrow

    Jelbi is the central network of mobility options in Berlin, from public transportation to car sharing. Users are given easy access to all forms of shared mobility and can thus easily find the offer that suits them best.